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Here are a couple of extras for the Furthest Shadow War (as published in the Thieves' Arm from the Unspoken Word) that fell out due to space limits. I hope you find them of some interest.

Gang Interaction Matrix

The Furthest Shadow War involves some politicking among the various gangs of the Furthest underworld. This matrix gives a guide to how the gangs feel about each other. Each cell shows how the row gang feels about the column gang, e.g. Cadoric gang have no real feelings towards the Bratvar, while the Bratvar are publicly friendly to the Cadoric gang (though they are secretly enemies).

Brat ESC Cad Temp Old Big Gangs LG
Brat -! +(-!) - +(-!) N - -!
ESC -! -(N) - -(+!) * - +!
Cad N N N N N N -
Temp +(-!) N(-) -! +(-) N - -!
Old N(-!) -(-!) N + - - -(+!)
Big + N - +(-) - N -
Gangs N N N - + - -!
LG -(-!) +!(-) -(N) - N(+) -(N) -(N)


+ Likes
+! Ally
- Dislikes
-! Enemy
* Haven't met
N No opinion
( ) Secretly...
Brat Bratvar
ESC East-Side Clan
Cad Cadoric
Temp Tempestas
Old Old Fellows
Big Big End Boys
Gangs Other gangs: Quiet Thunder, Bastard Twins, and Dorvan's Clan
LG Lion Guard
Note: the Interaction Matrix isn't my idea: I stole it from some articles by Chad Underkoffler on Pyramid.

JarEel-za and Krarsht-ra

The Furthest Shadow War ends with a huge battle between the avatars of JarEel and Krarsht. If you want to play it out in a bit more detail than provided in the Theive's Arm, try using these ability ratings:

JarEel-za: Large 7w3, Huge Scimitar 2w5^20, Fire Beams of Lunar Light From Eyes 8w4^12, Protective Glow of Rufelza ^16, Levitation 18w4, Beautiful 12w4, Noble Lunar Heroine 15w3.
Krarsht-ra: Large 18w3, Long Acidic Tongue 15w4^15, Claw and Bite 18w3^8, Spit Praztim 3w4^25, Chitin ^20, Hideous 15w4, Foul Chaos Monstrosity 15w3.