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Welcome to the Smith Family Homepage


Elsewhere, I am...
also on PGP Global Directory


Most of my pages are about role-playing games (RPGs), which I do at the Milton Keynes Roleplaying Games club. I have some stuff on the HeroQuest game and the fictional world of Glorantha as well as some pages on the Blue Planet game. I've also mucked around with some name generation programs.

Servers and sysadmin

I've also written some notes on setting up my various server machines (mainly for my own reference) and building and installing Rails applications. I have some stuff on Github. I also have a few downloadable programs (nothing exciting).

Other stuff

I did use SpiderOak, but found that SpiderOak is unsafe. Tresorit seems to be working well for me as a secure online backup service.

I do sous vide cooking (cooking for long periods in a temperature-controlled water bath) and have some notes on my cheap, easy, DIY simple sous vide setup.

And finally, I go to the Jugglers Anonymous juggling club, where I drop balls, clubs, and devil sticks. The JuggleWiki and Kings Cascade have lots of animations of tricks I can't do.


I do A-level Chemistry tutoring.


Andrew has his own website. Go there for his pages.


Eloise has her own website. Go there for her pages.