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Blue Planet is a role-playing game of mostly hard science fiction. The publishers are Biohazard Games. The game emphasises issues around ecological awareness and biotechnology. This page contains a few original articles, see below.

External sites

There are few Blue Planet websites out there, but their quality more than makes up for a lack of quantity.

Biohazard Games are the original creators of Blue Planet (though Fantasy Flight Games did the publication for BP v2), and their site contains all sorts of useful and interesting snippets. I find it easier to find things by starting from their site map. RedBrick now publish the Blue Planet v2 books and they've set up a Blue Planet website.

The Dark Water site has links to a great number of Blue Planet websites. The site's 'miscellaneous' page has archived copies of two great resources, the OceanView periodical and Mike Z's Blue Planet notebook. OceanView really brings the world to life, and gives that sense that there's a lot more going on than just what your little group is doing. Mike Z's notebook contains all sorts of useful snippets of information and quick-reference tables. SeaHawk also has some larger (PDF) files on Geocities, including the first chapter of the Player's Guide, an excellent introduction to the game and the world.

Finally, the Blue Planet wiki has a growing number of articles, both official and fan-contributed.