Possible Rails projects

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Getting Things Done tracker

  • Needs tags

Report writing tracker

  • Complex data structure
  • Dashboard view
  • Control over who gets to see and edit what
  • Emailed reminders
  • File upload
  • PDF formatting of reports

Child progress monitor

  • Children, milestones
  • Historical dimension of attainment: show progress over time

Chldminder invoice system

  • Calculate fees: fixed prices, price per hour, minimum durations (e.g. £3.50 per hour, min 1 hour)
  • Email and view invoices
  • Payment integration
  • Selective viewing: parent to view only their children
  • Task requests (email forwarding)
  • Calendar-based view: global and per child/parent
  • Early learning record
    • Day-by-day diary, viewable per week
    • include photos

Forum system

  • Forums
  • User settings
  • Private messaging
  • Selective editing of posts
  • BBCode parsing
  • Forum subscription

Moodle forum RSS generator

  • Receive emails
  • Generate RSS

Course support system

  • Who's doing which project
  • Who's generated feedback
  • Marks, comments, etc.

Agile development user story tracker

  • Assign priorities
  • Show how completed
  • Show tests generated

Games day organiser

  • Register attendees
  • Record games on offer, with times
  • Allocate players to games
  • Blog of updates

Name generators