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These are the cards I developed for the fortune deck for my Praxian Everway rules variant. To make sense of this, you'll probably need to read the Praxian elements page too.

Some 'designer notes' are at the bottom of this page.

Card Meaning Reversed meaning Associations
The Leaders
Khan Authority Solitude Authority (leadership)
Queen Solidarity Undiscerning Beast (nurturing)
Storm Khan Violence Unreasoning Storm (aggression)
Shaman Intuition Lack of connection to world Spirit (understanding mysteries)
The Nations
Sable Balance Self-centred All elements in balance
Morokanth Innovation Impracticality Spirit (intuition)
High Llama Perception Haughty Authority (perception)
Bison Resilience Unyielding Beast (robustness)
Impala Activity Restlessness Storm (activity)
The Places
Plateau of Statues Meaninglessness Seeing hidden truths Failure of spirit
Plains Stagnation Freedom Failure of storm
Serpent Discord, rapid change Flexibility Failure of authority
Oasis Weakness Recuperation Failure of beast
The Feathered Rivals
Raven Impetuosity Achieving the unexpected Excess of spirit
Thunderbird Transgressing boundaries Ignoring constraints Excess of storm
Sun Hawk Hubris Taking necessary action Excess of authority
Condor Dogmatism Self-reliance Excess of beast
The Outlanders
Genert Hopelessness Paradise found All elements in balance
Dragon Devastation Overpowering Active (auth + storm)
Teshnans Compliance, retreat Eventual return Passive (beast + spirit)
Westeners (Orlanthi) Incessant activity Serendipity Power (storm + beast)
Kralori Meditative inactivity Careful investigation Wisdom (auth + spirit)
Hsunchen Labour in vain Success of tradition Conservative (auth + beast)
Pentans Breaking the Covenant Reflecting the others power Change (storm + spirit)
Oasis farmers Defeat Hope in bleakness None
The Spirits
Bright Treasure Realising limits Over-preparation Authority over Spirit
Bronze Treasure Concealment Treachery Spirit over Storm
Malia Corruption Test that strengthens Spirit over Beast
Dark Eater Slavery Over-reliance on others Beast over Storm
Wildfire (Oakfed) Exuberance released Controlling wildness Storm over Authority
Foundchild Successful simplicity Lack of imagination Storm over Spirit
The Universals
The Warband Going outside Exposure Authority over Beast
The Herd Home, safety Indulgence Beast over Authority
Life Stages
The child New life Fragility of life Beast over Spirit
The youth Discoveries Mistakes Storm over Beast
The adult Purposeful activity Constraints Authority over Storm
The elder Holistic awareness Inability to act Spirit over Authority

Designer Notes

Developing the fortune deck was rather more difficult than it first appeared. I tried several combinations and sets of cards and ideas, and nothing seemed to really work. Then I had the realisation that, although the fortune deck appears to be a divination tool, it is actually a game adjudication device. This allowed me to rebuild the deck around the notion of the factors that a GM could use to influence their decision on the success of an action. And that is what is above.

Despite this focus on the game rather than the world, I do think that the fortune deck is a pretty fair representation of the important things in a Praxian's life and cognitive map. The topics embedded in this deck are the things that he (or she) knows and is concerned with. To that end, I think it gives an important insight into the Praxian mind.

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