Restful authentication setup

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Read the tutorial at RailsForum. Follow the instructions to download and install the tutorial.

But the tutorial system needs ExceptionLogger to be installed. Why that isn't done in the tutorial anyway is a mystery to me. So ExceptionLogger needs to be installed manually.

git submodule init
git submodule add git:// vendor/plugins/exception_logger                       
git submodule update

Modify app/application_controller.rb to include the line

 include ExceptionLoggable

Modify vendor/plugins/exception_logger/init.rb to uncomment the lines

require 'will_paginate'
$PAGINATION_TYPE = 'will_paginate'

Add these lines to config/routes.rb

map.connect "logged_exceptions/:action/:id", :controller => "logged_exceptions"
map.resources :logged_exceptions

Finally, restart WEBrick and all should be dandy.

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