Sous vide tips

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  • Freeze liquid marinades before using them. Liquids will just get sucked into the clamp vacuum sealer and damage it.
  • Double seal all bags (i.e. after the first evacuate-and-seal, create an additional seal at both ends of the bag, inside the original seals.
  • If you're cooking for more than a few hours, double-bag the food.
  • Put a handful of glass nuggets (of the type used in crafts and flower arranging) in the bottom of the outer bag before sealing it. That will stop the bags from floating. The buoyancy of the food will keep it floating vertically, allowing better water circulation around the food. However, the glass may degrade and crack, to don't put them in the same bag as the food.
  • Before cooking, scald the sealed bags of food for 30 seconds in boiling water. That won't cook the food, but will destroy any bacteria on its surface.
  • Ensure that the food is no more than 10% of the water volume.