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by Terry Harvey-Chadwick, based on official material from Issaries Inc.

Clan Statistics

  • Lunar Friendship Rating: -1
  • Wealth: 5W2
  • Keywords: Women: +4 Cooking; Men: +3 Initiate or Devotee of Orlanth; All: Skating +4
  • Attitudes: Fear Chaos 17, Fear Dragons 15, Friendly to Volsaxings 17, Hate Arkat 1W, Hate Lunars 14, Hate Trolls 3W
  • Clan Secret: Hit Jagrekriand with Missile (+10 to Ranged Combat skill once per contest, when appropriate)
  • Motto: "Violence is always an option"

The Tertorae clan are part of the Cinsina tribe, also known as the Brave Tribe, but called the Wolfslayers amongst themselves. Their lands encompass the area enclosed by the Solfint and Lorthing Rivers to the north and west, Bragi's Ford and the High Hills to the south, and part of the lands between the Vinga's Throw Hills and the Bull Hills to the East.

The Tertorae are a traditional balanced Orlanthi farming, hunting and herding clan, although a large minority worship Elmal.

Tertorae clan tula

The main stead is Wulfsstead in a deep valley of the Thunderstone Heights, as it is well protected and central to most of the major places of importance. Other important steads include Founders Stead, Broken Fang Stead, Lightstead, Upper Heights Stead, and Harststead.

The clan consists of approximately 1400 adults, making it the most numerous clan of the Cinsina.

Political Affiliations

The Tertorae tula holds the largest Cinsina Ernalda temple, a small Vinga temple, and a shrine to Helamakt. The Tertorae are allied with the Decamoli and Drutorae clans. Relationships with the Halfari clan are strained as Ivar Quickstep, chieftain of the Halfari, also claims the Tribal Kingship. Tertorae warriors often raid into the Greenhaft, Barlamani and Marthiording clans of the Culbrea tribe. They have also recently started raiding the Gwandor. Raiding of the Blueberry and Gorde clans stopped when they were forced into the Cinsina tribe by the Lunars. Relations with Wulfsland are cordial.

The current clan Chieftain and Tribal King is Ivartha the Skinner, a Vingan chosen to be politically neutral to the Lunars.

The Tertorae Clan Ring

Lightbringer Ring

Ivartha the Skinner (Vinga & Orendana)
Jonrik Goodvoice (Harst)
Lhankor Mhy
Enfrew Sharptongue (Andrin)
Chalanna Arroy
Sora Gentletouch (Jera)
Orlkarl Crookleg
Flesh Man
Hengall Venharlson (Durev)
Ranulf the Whisperer (Beren)

Ginna Jar

Vorana Ericsdottir (Harst), Huma Lightbreeze (Ormalaya), Bavari Torkilson (Elmal), Ketil the Axe (Orlanthcarl), Arkell Brightspear (Elmal), Bragi Stonehead (Voriof), Kort Thundersling (Hedkoranth), Yrsa the Shrill (Vela Matchmaker), Erica Longhair (Orane Steadwife), Torkil the Stout (Poverri), Astrid Honeydew (Minlinster), Olaf the Lofty (Ohorlanth), Angantir Longarm (Harst), Janerra Keeneye (Manhome), Kestra Fleetfoot (Vinga), Meera Cowsong (Uralda), Morag Blue-eye (Esra)

Other Important People

Clan Champion
Pallashee LongAxe (Kargan)
Warband Leader
Halgrim Sharpsword (Starkval)
Master Hunter
Korst the Tracker (Odayla)

Joral Trollkiller: The Clan Wyter

Wyter Statistics

  • Physical Manifestation: Ancient Bronze Spear
  • Communication Manifestation: All spearheads hum.
  • Awareness 3W3: Sense Trolls; Sense False Friends
  • Defense 17W2: Ignore Restraints; Defend Against Trolls
  • Blessings 19W2: Sacrifice Dance +5; Thunder Blessing; Blow Down Foe; Skate Marvels; Dwarf Friend

Joral was a warrior of Helamakt during the Vingkotling age. During that time his clan was beset by trolls, who ate the crops, the wild woods, the cattle and other domestic animals, and many of our ancestors. Joral defended his tula with the powers of the wind and rain, blowing down their ranks and slaying them with his spear. The trolls feigned peace, captured him and bound him in lead chains. Joral escaped and fled over the ice on skates made from the shinbones of the troll guards who tried to stop him. Joral was then captured by dwarves, but convinced them of his friendship, and they aided him against the trolls. In the Greater Darkness, Joral's clan gave hospitality to many different people, outcasts and refugees. Several times a group of guests planned to betray their hosts, but Joral discovered their plotting and showed them for what they truly were. Joral was slain by the great troll champion Gork, but Joral's spear was used by another warrior to avenge him.

Joral agreed to become the clan Wyter and look after his descendants forever more after his death. Since then he has protected us well, even warning us when the Lunars came with the false promises, so we do not trust them.