Tertorae tula

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by Terry Harvey-Chadwick


Tertorae clan tula

There are four bloodlines in the Tertorae:

Descended from Emanara, a daughter of Queen Cinsina. By far the most numerous bloodline, including the current Tribal King, Ivartha the Skinner, amongst its members.
Descended from Kort the Elder, a priest of Ohorlanth the Great Storm, and a prolific heroquestor.
Descended from Harivig the Red, a weaponthane of Queen Cinsina. This bloodline tends towards Elmal worship, and breed fine horses.
Descended from Bragi Closemouth, a thane of Emanara.


Stead Bloodline(s) Adults Notes Household Head
Founders Stead Emanari 74 Oldest stead. Market here. Vorana Ericsdottir
Wulfsstead Korting / Emanari 80/21 Chieftain's Stead Enfrew Sharptongue*
Lightstead Harivari 87 Mainly worship Elmal. Breed horses Ranulf the Whisperer*
Hunters Lodge None - Used by hunters. No permanent residents Huma Lightbreeze
Woods Stead Harivari 58 Bavari Torkilson
Ketilsstead (in woods) Harivari 47 Ketil the Axe
Ormson Stead Harivari 62 Arkell Brightspear
Vingasstead Emanari 70 Produced many redheads Ivartha the Skinner*
Lost Sheep Stead Emanari 77 Herd Sheep Bragi Stonehead
Kortstead Korting 73 Founded by Kort Kort Thundersling
Varnisstead `Korting 62 Yrsa the Shrill
Crown Stead Emanari 91 Erica Longhair
Fishers Stead Bragii 53 Mainly fishermen Torkil the Stout
Ketilstead Korting / Emanari 39/48 Known for their mead Astrid Honeydew
Harststead Emanari 81 Jonrik Goodvoice*
Upper Heights Stead Korting 43 Olaf the Lofty
Bragistead Bragii 69 Founded by Bragi Hengall Venharlson*
Broken Fang Stead Emanari 77 Angantir Longarm
Deer Stead Bragii 62 Janerra Keeneye
Ernalda's Temple Emanari 79 Main Cinsina temple Sora Gentletouch*
Vinga Temple Emanari 39 Founded by Emanara Kestra Fleetfoot
  • Member of the Clan Ring