A day on Poseidon

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The 30-hour day on Poseidon takes some getting used to, both for Terran characters and players. In an attempt to ease this, here is my take on the rhythm of a typical day.

0000: Midnight. Most people asleep.
0700: Dawn. Wake up. Breakfast.
0900: Nominal start of "working day".
1200: Short break. Snack.
1500: Noon. Light lunch. Start of siesta.
1900: Mid-afternoon. End of siesta.
2300: Dusk. Evening. Nominal end of "working day".
2400: Main meal eaten (family), or start of evening entertainment.
2600: Evening entertainment. Generally promenading, people-watching, visiting "tapas" bars, and the like.
2900: Night. Most people to bed.
3000: Midnight again.

Timekeeping over a longer period is covered in my description of the Poseidon calendar.