History of the Yellowtail Clan

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(As told by Three Cows, Brave of the Yellowtail Clan)

'When the Lunar missionaries first came to Prax, the True People were unsure how to treat them. They were outsiders, dirtdiggers and so deserved contempt. But they had many gifts of metal to buy their way into tribes where they could use the magic of their clever tongues on the True People. But this could not hide the fact that their Red Queen did not follow the Covenant of Waha, and that she consorted with Chaos. These facts meant that most True People rejected the Red Men and killed them when they were found. In that way, we took their metal gifts without being corrupted by their clever tongues. But the Great Council of the Sable Nation heard too much of the Red Man's twisted words and agreed to help them, for many gifts of metal, magic, and salt. Only our Khan, Sun-Through-Clouds, spoke against them. He was forced out of the council tipi.

'In this way, when the Red Man's army came to Moonbroth, all the Sable Nation fought alongside them, except for the Yellowtail Clan, true followers of the Way of Waha. The battle went badly for the Red Men did not fight with honour. When the shamans summoned Oakfed, the Wildfire, the Lunars cast a terrible magic and sent Oakfed back against our shamans. Only because he was a stout follower of Waha and Daka Fal was Nine Sticks saved on that day, though he has not been right since.

'After the defeat of the True Peoples, the Sable Nation turned on our clan as traitors to the Nation. But they were the traitors! Bereft of allies, we were forced out of the good lands of Prax back out into the Wastes. Before we left, many men left and took their wives and herds with them, to join other Sable clans, may their names be cursed.

'That happened two-hands-and-one years ago. We have been in the Wastes all that time. Our clan is small. We are too small to prevent other tribes stealing our cows: that is why our herds are small. We are too small to aid Nine Sticks in driving away Malia: that is why our herds are sick, and why hoof-canker took many of them. That is why many babies died from the Shakes. We are too small to drive other clans from good grazing: that is why our cows are thin. Khan Sun-Through-Clouds has decided that we have spent too long in the Wastes, and that we must return to Prax, where we can steal cows, find good grazing, and bring up our children.'

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