People of the Yellowtail Clan

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Notable Personalities

Khan Sun-Through-Clouds

(Wise, stoic, conservative)

Khan Sun-Through-Clouds is almost the oldest man in the tribe, having lived for more than two-hands-of-hands of winters. He was once a great warrior and a wise Khan, well respected amongst the elders of the Sable Nation. But now he is old and not a great warrior. He once had a whole herd of captured beasts, a glorious thing, but he gave them to the tribe when times were hard and now he only owns two war sables, five impalas, two bison, four herd-men, and an ostrich. He also owns an iron-headed lance, a mighty bow, a stone that smells bad when Chaos is near, and an eagle head-dress. His lance is seldom used now and he can no more string the bow. It should belong to his sons, but they were killed at Moonbroth. His successor will take it when he dies.

Sun-Through-Clouds has lead the tribe for many hands of years. He has lead the tribe well, protecting the herds and stealing cows from other tribes. He stood by his principles when the Sable Nation decided to join the Red Man's army, although it was an unpopular decision. He was forced to head out into the wastes with only half a clan; the other half decided to stay and join other Sable tribes.

Normally, Sun-Through-Clouds says little in tribal council meetings. He is happy to let Queen Many-Feet make the decisions about the day-to-day running of the tribe, according to the Covenant of Waha. He only interjects when he feels his role as protector is necessary. During the men's meetings, he also speaks little, preferring to allow the younger men to make speeches and put forward alternative courses of action. He allows them to argue until feelings either run too high or the argument is finished. When he does speak, everyone listens as he gives wise words and acts to balance the factions in the tribe, to preserve what little unity there is left.

He is expected to die soon. Because of this, and because he has no sons to succeed him, many braves are vying for position to be the next Khan. They are split into two factions: the pro-Lunars, led by Queen Many-Feet (with the brave Hyena-Tail as her spokesman) and the anti-Lunars, led by Little Mouse, the Storm Khan. At the moment, the pro-Lunars are ascendant within the clan as they have persuaded Sun-Through-Clouds to return to Prax. Many braves are allying themselves to one or other of these factions. Sun-Through-Clouds expects the clan to split again when he dies, and he prays that he can survive and keep the clan together until it can regain strength in Prax.

Rani Many-Feet

(Wilful, protective, manipulative)

This woman is the herd-mother, comforter, healer and guide of the people. She is skilled in the lore of Sables and can find water and fodder in even trackless desert. However, it is often that the oases are occupied by other, stronger clans. Her sole passion is for the health and safety of the herds and she will endure any hardship and undergo any trial to preserve them. She feels that she is the best able to lead the clan and that its destiny lies back in Prax, no longer an outcast from the Sable Nation. She has persuaded Sun-Through-Clouds to lead the clan back there and is encouraging support within the clan for her plan to join the Lunar sympathisers.

Nine Sticks, Speaker-to-Spirits

(Deranged, Delusional, Impertinent)

This shaman is the clan's speaker to spirits and its ancestors. He deliberately sets himself apart from the remainder of the clan, preferring the company of the inhabitants of the Other Side to his own kind. To show his separation, he dresses in the clothes of a woman. He fought at Moonbroth, and only survived the Lunar treachery because he know the secrets of Inora, the White Princess.

Limping Bull, Storm Bull Berserk

(Fanatical, arrogant, violent)

He leads the Running Dogs society, open to only those men that have killed Chaos; there are three members at the moment. This society also acts as 'police' in the clan. There are moves to expand the membership of this society, following the massacre of the clan's Storm Bullers.

Bat's Eye

(Eloquent, companiable, scathing)

This ageing brave acts as Khan Sun-through-Clouds' eyes and ears throughout the clan. People don't mind this, as he is always friendly and his tipi is always filled with people eager to hear is stories of far-away lands and strange people. He often uses these occasions to feel the mood of the men, and uses his quick tongue to chastise those that have not acted like a true warrior.

Due to his way with words, he is also the clan's herald. He is the one that goes out to meet and parley with other clans when we meet.


(Weak-willed, frustrated, eloquent)

This brave is the mouthpiece of Queen Many-Feet in the men's council. He is despised for being so weak-willed as to be lead by a woman, but many people agree with what he says. He is not a great warrior, but is a competent hunter and has captured some enemies' beasts.

Distinguishing Clan Features

  • Animals: yellow-stained tail (the yellow die is obtained from boiling down Sable gall-bladders).
  • Men: yellow feathers in headband, zigzag tattoos on cheeks.
  • Women: twice-braided hair, yellow stripe down the back of tunics.

Spirits worshipped

Spirit Highest ranking member Other high-lvl Other initiates Lay members Temple size
Waha Sun-Through-Clouds (Khan) 1 15 5 Small
Erithra Many Feet (Rani) 2 24 10 Small
Daka Fal Nine Sticks (Shaman Priest) 1 1 3 Shrine
Storm Bull Limping Bull (Initiate) 0 0 2 None*
Foundchild Fallen Branch (Initiate) 0 4 5 Shrine
Chalana Flowers' Scent (Acolyte) 0 2 4 Shrine
Issaries Bat's Eye (Acolyte) 0 1 2 None
Lankoring Small Hawk (Lay member) 0 0 0 None
Humakt Antak-Dor-Tak (?) 0 0 1 None
Eurmal Trail's End (Initiate) 0 0 13 None
  • The shrine to Storm Bull is temproarily inactive, due to a near-zero congregation.

Demographics of the Yellowtail Clan

Ages Male Female Total
0-1 1 1 2
1-5 3 3 6
5-10 3 3 6
10-15 2 3 5
15-20 2 3 5
20-25 2 3 5
25-30 2 3 5
30-35 2 2 4
35-40 1 2 3
40-45 1 2 3
45-50 1 1 2
50-55 1 1 2
55+ 1 1 2
Totals 22 28 50

Plus 6 female slaves aged 20-30

Herd size

Current Herd Required Herd
Herd size 400 (560)
Males 40 (56)
Females 360 (504)
Males born 61 (120.20)
Females born 54.1 (106.60)
Male calves dying 42.7 (60.10)
Female calves dying 37.9 (53.30)
Male adults dying 4 (5.6)
Female adults dying 36 (50.4)
Dead animals (adult equiv) 80.3 (112.70)
Net herd gain -5.4 (57.4)
Females giving milk 208.8 (226.8)

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