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In the Blue Planet game, the Multiglands biological modification allows the user to secrete a number of different hormones and drugs into his system. However, the details of these effects are not described. Here is a brief list of some drugs that could be secreted, and their effects (as inspired by the Culture novels of Iain M Banks).

A mild, general-purpose stimulant, similar to a large dose of caffine.
Reduce impairment modifiers from fatigue by 2. +1 Reflexes.
Prang (pre-hangover)
Hangover cure. It alters the body's metabolism of ethanol and methanol, causing the headache and nausea of a hangover to occur immediately, while slightly delaying the elimination of alcohol. Normally glanded just before going to sleep after drinking. When followed by snap the next morning, it can really annoy your friends.
Reduces inhibitions and promotes the phsyiological responses of interest, particularly sexual interest (reddened cheeks and lips, dilated pupils, etc.).
+1 Presence (+2 with opposite sex), -2 Will (for self-control), +2 to all Communication skills.
A narcotic and relaxant that promotes a feeling of well-being and contentment.
-1 Intellect, -2 Presence, -1 Agility, acts as Pain Inhibitor (BP:PG p. 135).
A comprehensive vaso-constrictor. Its use makes the skin become pale and the extremeties cold.
+1 Toughness when resisting the effects of hypothermia, acts as Anti-Shock (BP:PG p. 134).
Reduces the effects of emotions and enhances concentration by divorcing the user from extraneous stimuli.
+1 Intellect, -2 Presence, +2 Will (for concentration), +2 Awareness for the task at hand, -2 Awareness for everything else, +1 to all Tech skills.
Induces a heightened level of alertness.
+2 Awareness, +2 Reflexes, -1 Intellect (due to distractions).
Relaxant, inducing a feeling of calm contemplation.
+2 to tasks involving contemplation.
Stimulant, increasing levels of motor contol.
+2 Agility, +2 Dexterity, probable fatigue after use.
Increases the user's ability to multi-task and empathise with others.
+1 Awareness, +2 Intuition, -1 Intellect (due to distractions), +2 to all inter-personal skills, reduce penalties due to a busy environment by 2.
A variable-power visual hallucinogen. In mild doses, it causes objects to appear to be surrounded by a sparkling 'aura.' In higher doses, the hallucinations dominate the senses and induce synasthesia.